our families for all their support and their immense efforts for this fundraising.....


Bobath Children’s Therapy Centre Wales for their ongoing physiotherapy support.  They have even used Evan as the cover star of their summer 2010 newsletter


All the staff at Atradius for their support over the last 3 years

and their current fundraising


Special thanks to Richard Ariens, Tracey and Mike Sullivan, Jane Thomas, Steve Curtis, Ian Webber, Jo Aaron and the rest of the SCD team and charity committee who have offered so much support.


Special thanks also to all at Ortho Clinical Diagnostics who have

given tremendous support towards our appeal.


Thank you to the companies that have contributed auction or raffle prizes - Highland Reserve Villas, The Village Hotel,  Jelajo, The Beauty Studio, Western Power and Curves who have nominated Evan as ‘charity’ of the month, The Vale Hotel, Eversons Sports & Trophies, The Hilton Cardiff


Thank you Kaba Door Systems for the donation and all the staff for their fundraising in Telford and Ringwood


Thank you Wessex Labels for our wonderful appeal stickers


Thank you The Pendragon, Thornhill for their support


Thanks to everyone who donated items for the Christmas Fayre and special thanks to everyone who gave up their Saturday morning to help run the event .


Thanks to the Earl Haig British Legion, Whitchurch, Cardiff for fundraising during the Jam Session on 28 Novemeber


Thanks to South Wales Snooker for the fantastic evening on 4 December


Thanks for the fantastic fundraising effort by Mo Mercer.


Thanks to the Dinas Powys Lodge for their very generous donation.


We would like to thank everyone who has made a direct donation to our appeal.  Sincere apologies if we have left anyone off, we have been overwhelmed with so many donations.  All of your support means so much to us:


M. Coles               J. Lewis                  R. Cawsey          A. Vergeest                    R. Webb

D.Robins              H. Jeffrey                R. Smith                R. Miles                        D. Gigg

P. Hales                A. Henderson        H. Nolan              D. Knight                      P. Thomas

J. Littlewood        P. Thomas               C. Watts              C. Goddard                  Mr & Mrs Armitage

J. Owens              K. Darney               K. Crowley           A. Batchelor                Westco

J. Walton             M. Evans                  S. Matthews          T. Smedinga                 Highland Reserve Villas

D Edwards           M. Richardson         N. McCarthy          J.E. Davies                   K Press

S. Marling             H. Niven-Davies    C. Davies               The DVD Den             L Smart

Mr & Mrs Caffery             W. H. Lee            The Village Coffin Dodgers             A Jones

A. Letton              B. Timiney             R. Smith                   P. Button                     J & D Donovan

G. Davies              T. Anfield              G E Davies              O. Mundy                   T Clift

C. Bailey                K. Grimmitt          H Stokman               R Newton & family

S James                   M Whit                 J Spink                     J Thomas                   N Thelander

O David                 A Cowley             V van Stekelenburg  R Jenkins                  E Harris

E & J Thomas        Bryncoch WI          H & C Thomas        G & L Thomas          K Thomas & A Sugg

Mr & Mrs G Thomas   H Baigent        J Mowatt                  B Pike                        H Padfield

R Levine                S Ley                      C Walters               G Cook                      D Morgan

S Ellar                     N Day                    M West                   G Coopey                 F Daley

B Beyer                  A Liély                   R v d Vinne             A Chehmana              L Jones

A Covain                D Lumley              F Lobignat               V Rousseau                C Baines

G Wife                   N Bishop              D Biebuyck              B Noll                        M Hardy

H Fuller                 C Burr                   A Riedle                  V Guilliams                U Barth

J Stensinski             J Thomas              K Attwell                 J & J Parry                   J & C Lewis

V J Parry                 J A Stevens           B & J Curtis              S & L Miller               R d Crousaz

L Banchetti            M v Velsen            M Blanchy                K Scott                      A Ideler

P James                  R Imig                    T Thomas                G McGushin              K Campbell

A Fagerström        W Harding            J Viitanen                 S Coels                       F Sabrir

D Bussy                 G Decloux             G Krieger               M Howells                 C Norman & family

D & K Norman      S Ramsden            A Thol                     G Michel                    C Baese

G Klatt                   A Mastrolilli         B Angeles                 L Guthrie                   S Künster

P Harka                  U Popp                  A Donovan              A John                       Vanessa, Evan & Evan’s Nana

L Perry                    C Sharpe              A Williams               C Bannister                P Johns

R Nicholls              C Hatton              L Edwards                 A Jenkins                   C Keepings

A Goethe                J Truman              D Hohengarten        C Krämer                    E Skovgaard Nielsen

V Rey                      T Elsen                 C Hagers                   R Bozelie                   H Karau

P Berger                  T Klein                 D Gerke                   R Saunders                 K Zehetmayr

C Leprovost            B Delaunoy          S Tigmé                     T Emmanuel              N Lamettre      

N Pierson                P Lebihan             F Ramon                   S Watts                      C Borge & Family

Y Tahiri                   C Viet                  S Nalies                      H Klint                      A Hams

T Haughton             M Mailahn           J Pestiess                    L Brinkworth              D Bowen

B Brinkworth           M Vai                  L Grzesik                   L Sullivan                    A Brooks

N Griffiths                E Couturier        S Ryan                        V Bert                         V Hoek

H Grandchamp         H Renaud          A McBurney               C Pennelier                 G Peiney

L Gueret                  D Galek-Lateux  V & R Maddick          B Deprez                    C Nanninga

L Rayneau                N Nokrachi        P Sarnak                      T Cottin                     P Tandy

V Robert                  B Karadag           C Touw                      G Taylor                    D Prunier

G Daguerre             O Rousseau        MC Kurdejak              K Barker                    T Piton

P v d Avert               Y Rabet               C Poulsen                  E Woudt                     D Menzel

J Curtis                     N Oosterhuis     JT Looman                  A Yohani                    T Missonnier

YA Guivarch            MP Laurent         N Edwards                 G Kuiper                     S Gabillet

Y O’Garro               M Callaghan        O Hayot                     H Cunningham           C Phillips

V Corden                 J Guillou             S Lebail                       B Pesché                      C Ingram

A Daumas                H Klint                A Gourlay                   M Vitale                      J Brunskill

Mr & Mrs G Harry   P Pritchard          C O’Brien                   Jeanette                       Splotties Ladies

M Latte                     J Mannings          Irene B                        The Transport Club    Fleurs Ladies Darts

E Lewis                    G Bowen             P Fullick                      R Davies                     C Fullick

L Hobby                   E White              J Packer                       M Alderman                C Turner

J Iresch                      T Rees               C Booth                       E Williams                  Jenny

P Hartnell            G Chandrinos         M Evans                       J Burt                          H Coles

P Bowgen                 B Hayes              J Jones                         C Fenton                      Kitty B

L Lewis                     I McGinney        D McGinney                S lewis                        T Hole

L Fleurs                    M Evans              R & S Rees                  Jan & Paul                    The Saturday Gang

Sue Jones                  Beryl & John       Mike & Diane            Sue & Denis                  Val McBride

Barbara & Jeff            H Hosford         A Williams                  J Owen                       Dan, Louise, Tia & Mason

R Drake                    A & R Toft         Commstar                  W Liu                          I Marques

A John                       A & J Thomas     H Stewart                   B Moran                     S Breter

A Hordley                 S Pasch               N Wilde                     F Nese                        R Lewis

Z Nicholas                M Davies & The Cross Stitch Group